Hello! I’m Jade, a 30-something editor working in the interior design and architecture industry. 

I’m a writer and editor for interior design and architecture titles, and a script reader for film and television.

Not The Director’s Chair is all about the scene stealers known as the set. That’s right folks. Ever been swooning into the limpid pool eyes of Leo DiCaprio himself and thought, oh my, that’s a sumptuous looking chaise? Turns out you’re probably turned on by the interior and not Leo’s turn as the illusive Jay Gatsby (sorry LDC). 

I have loved films since before I can remember. I obsessed over the effortlessly cool diner in Grease, Frenchie’s dream of a bedroom with windows big enough to escape out of, George and Nina Banks’ American Dream abode in Father of the Bride and, essentially, any time Meg Ryan was in any film and owned/rented or stepped foot in a house/apartment/room/shoebox. 

Then there is television, which over the years has had me gripped by great writing and stylish design choices. In many ways, the reality of creating an interior like that of a perfectly appointed TV set is like trying to recreate a croquembouche for the first time after watching Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith stuff choux buns into their cheeks on GBBO. The phrase ‘nailed it’ comes to mind in the most ironic way possible. So, it is always worth remembering that these settings are designed to inspire and spark joy (Marie Kondo much?) but not to be followed as a rulebook for how to decorate ones home and life. It’s not always manageable and we want to have fun in our own home spaces. 

Hopefully you’ll feel inspired, if not to renovate or decorate, but at least to start watching one of the highlighted shows or films, at the very least, saving it to your list or planner for future sofa days. 

I hope you enjoy reading Not The Director’s Chair. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email me at jade@notthedirectorschair.com .

JS x


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